Who We Are

A mixed, but reliable group

IN-VITA began in 2007 from a meeting between a vision and an enthusiasm. The vision was that of “Vieux”, a Mali citizen by origin and an Italian citizen by adoption. The enthusiasm is supplied by Daniela Bertazzoni, Chairman of Vega S.p.A., who runs the Grand Hotel et de Milan and STRAF hotels, a courageous and charismatic lady.
Vieux has never forgotten his country or his countrymen and has one wish: to help them. Daniela has the same wish, and so has created, together with her children and her closest colleagues, “IN-VITA”, a non-profit ONLUS association, for the development of rural villages in Mali.

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Who we are

… A mixed, but reliable group – not at all bad!

  • Daniela Bertazzoni – President
  • Vittorio Antoniazzi – Vice President
  • Alissia and Sarah Mancino, Ferdinando and Francesca Zanotto, Alvaro Palleschi, Monica Palleschi, Bocary Guindo

Our partners

Our Mission

IN-VITA operates principally to improve the quantity and quality of the sources and distribution of the principal element of LIFE (VITA), water, working in the villages that have either none or little. The project also promotes, as a secondary objective, the development of literacy and the creation of first aid structures to dispense essential health care.


How we work


IN-VITA directly involves the village community in the development of the project, requesting direct collaboration (labour), getting the inhabitants to create a common fund for the maintenance expenses and teaching them how to operate and maintain the wells so that they can take over all aspects of management and organization.

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