Tin Tam

Villaggio di Tin Tam in Mali
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The Dogon Region, where Tin Tam village is located, is one of the areas of greatest archaeological, ethnological and geological interest in West Africa; it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989 due to its unique cultural, architectural and natural heritage.
From a geographical point of view, what differentiates this area from other areas of the same latitude is the Bandiagara Escarpment, a major rock formation of approximately 200 km; rising up from here are isolated peaks of different heights and Mount Hombori, Mali’s highest mountain.
The Bandiagara area covers 10,520 square km and has a population of 317,965 inhabitants (2009) with a density of 30.22 inhabitants per square km.

The principal occupation of the population in this area is agriculture; the main crop is millet, virtually the only cereal that can grow in the terrible conditions found here because of the poor soil quality and level of rainfall. Wild fruit, berries and groundnuts help to vary the diet. In recent years the Dogon region has also become a special tourist destination for those who seek to discover this people’s ancient culture; however, unregulated tourism poses a threat to the villages’ socio-economic organisation and culture.


The main aim of IN-VITA is to contribute to the improvement of living and health conditions and, furthermore, to increase social cohesion in the village’s rural community. More specifically, the aim is to improve the water supply, in terms of quantity and quality, and to improve sanitary conditions by introducing innovative yet simple and economic technologies which make the most of local resources and skills.


The activities planned for the IN-VITA project are: the construction of an aqueduct, the monitoring of the establishment of a managing body for the plant, the building of a solar-powered water pumping plant for the Dogon well, the organisation of 3 cycles of health education in the villages and of 2 training courses in the schools. The cost of the work will amount to around 90,000 euro.