Villaggio di Kamalendougou in Mali
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Situation in 2008 (before the arrival of IN-Life)

Village of 1100 inhabitants of predominantly ethnic Sarakollé, in the dry season also attended by nomadic Mauri. It has a large diameter well to traditional. The water is very scarce in February and April is dry.

There are 7 additional wells in small diameter square section all in a circle around the village. They dry all at the end of febbraio.Il “forage” existing is located approximately 800 m from the edge of the village and has a manual pump running, was built in 2006 and has a capacity medium-low.

Here, too, the queues for the supply…

There is a Franco-Arab school in 2008, attended by 200 students, especially females. It would be the activation of a mess, since many children come from far away.