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Mali is a land-locked state in West Africa. It borders Algeria in the North, Burkina Faso and the Ivory Coast in the South, Niger in the East and Guinea, Senegal and Mauritania in the West. The capital is Bamako. The country covers an area of 1,240,142 km2. It is mostly flat and is divided between the Sahara Desert in the North and savannah in the South.
The population, of about 14 million, is concentrated mainly in the South, where the Niger river flows.
Mali is a Presidential Republic. The most widely spoken language is Bambara, but French is also commonly used.



IN-Vita onlus develops a microcredit project in the village...
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IN-Vita onlus aims to build two large diameter waterholes in the village...
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In 2016, IN-Vita onlus supplies the village infirmary...
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IN-Vita onlus started operating in this village in 2014...
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Villaggio di Kamalendougou in Mali


Village of 1100 inhabitants of predominantly ethnic Sarakollé; it has a large diameter well…
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Villaggio di Karfabougou in Mali


The village has 960 inhabitants, the majority belonging to the Markalla ethnic group…
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Villaggio di Sebeninguele in Mali


This village counts about 200 inhabitants and only a traditional big-sized well…
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Villaggio di Sonabougo in Mali


This is the village with the least density of inhabitants, about 150…
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Villaggio di Tin Tam in Mali

Tin Tam

The Dogon Region, where Tin Tam village is located, is one of the areas of greatest archaeological interest…
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